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Digging deep into Swargashram, Rishikesh!

Very well said by Andre Gide that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travelling enhances our knowledge, personality, and understanding of different nations. It teaches us to change and understand different aspects of the trade, language, sociology, customs, culture, history, geography, and so more.

Swargashram in Rishikesh

There are some other unique advantages to visiting. If a man remains in a single vicinity for the long term, he turns into monotonous. Touring removes our monotony and offers pride. In this post, we would be talking about a great site for traveling existing in Rishikesh. It is Swargashram. The place is famous around the globe. Thousands of visitors come and go each month. They also stay for a long period to enjoy the peace wherefrom the cluster of towns.

Rishikesh history

Rishikesh’s roots hint back to the mythical Kedarkhand (Garhwal area). Lord Rama achieved a victory by destroying Ravana. Lord Vishnu got satisfied and came in his form of “Hrishikesh”. After the scene, the region derived the name- Rishikesh.

Kedar Khand of Indrakund draws hundreds of visitors to Rishikesh each year. As the lap for masses of temples, Rishikesh area around the banks of the holy River had a sacred vicinity for lots of sacred sages. The place is also well-known for adventurous activities like Rishikesh rafting , and yes not leaving Holi celebration in Rishikesh with spiritual importance.

There are many sites you can visit in Rishikesh and one such amazing site is Swargashram.


Swargashram is a little vicinity discovered five km near to Rishikesh, near the left bank of the holy river. You can reach by walking through the Ram/Shivanand Jhula labored over the waterway. Swami Vishudhanand called as Kali Kamli Wala was the reminiscent aspect of the asharam.

There are hundreds of ashrams, sanctuaries, and caverns, occupied by holy people, within the Swargashram. The location lies amidst wooded areas and hills, with lovely orchards and loose from the pollution of town. The Ashram is maintained through a belief called Kali Kamliwala Kshetra. The region is very famous among overseas tourists as well as locals. It’s also considered great for Shivpuri rafting and Rishikesh camping .

How to reach

By train

  • The railway station is 14 kilometres away from the Ashram. So, if you are traveling to Swargashram by train, then from the railway station you have to travel 14 km further to reach.

By air

  • The Jolly Grant Airport positioned on the National Highway 7 is 33 kilometres away. The route to the ashram by air is through Jolly Grant Airport

By road

  • Swargashram is situated a bit far away from the Rishikesh Bus Stand that is 6 kilometres. So, you also have a route through the road.
  • Swarg Ashram can also be reached either by walking through the Ram Jhula across the Ganga River or by crossing the river by boat.

Best Time to visit

  • The best time to visit for sightseeing the foremost visitor points of interest in Swargashram is from early March to mid-May additionally. If you are fascinated to do some adventure sports activities such as rafting in Rishikesh, camping in Shivpuri, then overdue September to mid-November is a pleasant time.
  • As the holy celebration in Rishikesh is considered memorable, so you can also visit the place in the weeks before Holi.

Things to do in Swargashram

  • Breathing in clean mountainous air which the Ganges brings from the Himalayas because the Ashram is located via the Ghats of the river.
  • Got up early in the morning, pass for a rejuvenating yoga session complemented with an all-fruit breakfast to purify & cleanse body and mind.
  • Wear sportswear and head for a revitalizing walk within the large expanse of Swargashram garden.
  • Most of the ashrams have their ghat in which you can take a holy dip inside the river Ganges.
  • Cross for a run at the marine pressure i.e. a 12-kilometer stretch around the holy river.
  • The vicinity offers serene sundown with the river Ganges at the bottom and the metropolis of Rishikesh inside the heritage. Admiring the scene would fill you with joy.
  • Another fascinating thing which I recommend doing is Shivpuri rafting. The town is well-known for White Water Rafting other than its sacred places. It’s also one of the pinnacles travelling places in Rishikesh.
  • Shivpuri is recognized for its numerous camps because it’s the major destination for River Rafting in Rishikesh. At Shivpuri, travelers can indulge in some sports like River Rafting, tenting, mountaineering, and Jungle hiking. You may also have the opportunity of mastering the techniques of yoga and meditation all through your journey in Shivpuri.
  • This is all about the famous destination of Rishikesh. Don’t stop yourself from exploring the serenity and spirituality of Rishikesh. Plan and book a convenient way of traveling.