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Students tour packages in Rishikesh

20 Best Students tour packages in Rishikesh/ College students Tours

Students tour packages in Rishikesh/ College students Tours

Camping in Rishikesh, Shivpuri is specially provided by Camp Ganga Vatika, is very affordable, and could be the best adventurous option for a visit in Rishikesh. Students tour packages in Rishikesh is very affordable in these sites and includes:

Camping List for Students tour packages in Rishikesh

With all these alternatives for camping, you can relish different types of adventure activities including river rafting in Rishikesh, cliff jump, zipline, bonfire, waterfall trek, bungee jumping, yoga, body surfing in the Ganga river, etc. You can enjoy all these at an affordable price that won’t harm your pocket.

Camps in Rishikesh 4 Best Camping Sites To Book for Camping List for Students tour packages in Rishikesh

Riverside camps in Rishikesh are fixed with an exactly green view and deliver the most soothing experience. You can decide your stay between alpine tents nearby Ganga Bank or Luxury swiss camps with all modern luxuries. Camp Ganga Vatika provides two campsites:

Riverside Camping in Tapovan

Ganga River View Luxury Camp

Campsite Features -

Luxury Riverside Camps in Rishikesh with Ganga View

Students tour packages in Rishikesh offer some of the most soothing ones that you can discover in this area. If you are going over to Rishikesh to spend a vacation, head to a luxury camp in Rishikesh for students which is just a 200-meter away from Ganga Beach. The rooms are well equipped with all new extravagances like air coolers, a charging plug, and an attached modern toilet.

In the evening you can chill out and get prepared for the various riverside workouts like body surfing or swimming, walking, hiking, etc. Placed at the heart of nature these riverside camps provide one of the best feasible satisfaction and natural beauty. These luxury camps over here deliver all the major advantages like a Swimming pool, affixed bathroom, and music system to get rid of lethargy.

Devprayag Camping

About Riverside Camp Rishikesh

1 Night Camping Includes

The reason behind choosing Ganga to view Luxury Camps for Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

All the Basic Amenities – These riverside tents can be found to have all the basic niceties you require for a satisfying life-like – personal lavatory, swimming pool, electricity, air conditioning, charging plug, all-time power back, etc.

Ganga Beach & Small Market Nearby – White sand Ganga Beach and Ganga river are situated within walking distance away from the campsite.

Reasonable Assistance & Food – This is a small campsite consisting of 16 units of camps and offers quick assistance to the visitor. The camp provides the best quality of food and could be the most memorable trip.

Recreations – With luxury riverside camping you can also relish riverside activities like swimming with safety appliances.

Ganga River View – As the camps in Rishikesh for students are just 200 meters from the Ganga river, you’ll get the Ganga view from the campsite. The campsite has a big and decent swimming pool with a Ganga river view.

Camps are not in a desolate area – The small market is almost 500 meters from the campsite. The highway is just 100 meters from the campsite. Students tour packages in Rishikesh can be found at a very reasonable price. you’ll not require to run on an isolated road to enter the camp.

yoga and meditation

Rishikesh camping for Students tour packages in Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganga river is a more relaxed and lesser-explored area in Rishikesh for overnight camping. These are the eco-friendly campsites nestled very close to nature and open for only nature lovers. Taking alcohol and nonveg is rigidly restricted in between the campsite.

Riverside Camping in Rishikesh at Ganga Bank/Beach for Students tour packages in Rishikesh/ College students Tours

Riverside Camping Includes

Why Choose Riverside Camping in Rishikesh Students tour packages in Rishikesh/ College students Tours

Ganga Beach & River Nearby – You’ll get a Ganga River view from the campsite and can calm down at Ganga Beach

Small Market Nearby – Small market is within walking distance of the campsite.

Cheap Price – Rishikesh rafting packages for students can be found at the most reasonable camping price in Shimla, the Redwood Camp Shimla is a great place to stay for budget travelers and backpackers.

Activities – Bonfire at night, Hiking (nature walk along with the Ganga Bank), Outdoor sports like volleyball and badminton.

Big Campsite Area – This campsite has one of the biggest campgrounds in Rishikesh.

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