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Rishikesh - World Capital

Rishikesh is not very big as a township, but it’s a well-constructed and decorated city. A combination of greenery and urban touch has made the overall ambiance of the city more enchanting. So, you won’t need a prolonged vacation to cover all the possible activities in or nearby Rishikesh. A trip of 3-5 days is good enough to make your vacation worth remembering. Anyway, most tourists don’t prefer limiting their holiday activities on the premises of Rishikesh. There are numerous attractive tourist spots nearby that receive thousands of visitors throughout the year.

River rafting and Holi celebration in Rishikesh

rishikesh holi party

Have you ever thought of celebrating this year’s Holi in nature’s lap? Well, celebrating Holi in Rishikesh will be the best plan for you then. The splendid ambiance and refreshing visuals of the hill-station are bound to capture your mind for sure. The best thing about Rishikesh is that Holi is celebrated in this hill-centric city in a grand attire.

If you’re accustomed to an urban lifestyle, the Holi celebration in Rishikesh will reboot your soul. As a travel-lover, you must not want to let the chance of enjoying Holi in Rishikesh go away from your hand.

Let’s have a look at how you can plan a grand Holi celebration in Rishikesh to enjoy to the fullest. You can also enjoy an adventurous rafting experience in Rishikesh.

What activities should you include in the Holi celebration program in Rishikesh?


Riverside camping

shivpuri camping rishikesh

Spending mind-whelming nights with your dear ones in camping tents by the river is an amazing feeling. Some hotels and resorts offer this program as a complementary add-on while some hotel has different paid plans to include riverside camping in your activity plan. In most cases, guests are provided with complimentary breakfast and lunch in their tents. It’s a thrilling experience to enjoy the beauty of a riverside night while listening to suspicious sounds of the nearby forests. Rishikesh camping is one of the main reasons why foreigners love to visit this hill-town repeatedly. The sound of the river, chirping of birds, and suspenseful thrilling sounds of the forests will take you to another world. Riverside camping on a moonlit night is an incomparable experience that you’ll ever have in life.

Riverside Holi program

Getting involved in the joyous event of Holi with your fellow-guests is something that lasts in your memories for a long. A carefree and cherishing environment makes your day special and filled with colors. Hotel and resort authorities arrange dance and music programs to entertain the guests to the fullest. Your Holi celebration will be incomplete unless you take an active part in the Holi session that your resort organizes for you. There you will get chances to play with herbal and harmless natural colors, water-balloons and eat as many sweets and soft drinks as you want.

Trekking to villages

Trekking in Rishikesh

The beauty of Rishikesh lies in the villages located on the hills. You can arrange a customized tour plan and explore the hill-oriented villages to feel the real beauty of hills from your core. Meet the villagers and know their cultures closely.

Cliff jumping

This is another outstanding adventure sport that only Rishikesh can offer you. Diving from a high mountain-cliff will create a rapid adrenaline-rush inside your body. Anyway, only adults are allowed to participate in this sport. Individuals with physical disabilities or acrophobias aren’t considered eligible for taking part in cliff jumping.

The Adventure Sports Center of Shivpuri offers flying fox games with attractive offers and discounts. You can include this program in your trip plan as a day’s activity as well. This is a harmless adventure sport with rare accidental cases. So, you can enjoy the thrill of flying high while participating in this program.


shivpuri rafting

Rishikesh doesn’t disappoint adventure-lovers at all. If adventure attracts you more than enjoying natural views, book a rafting session for yourself and your family. Rishikesh rafting is famous among adventure-loving tourists as the rafting experience in the Ganges is fearing.

The river is quite speedy over here and dangerous tides give your goosebumps every single second while rafting. If you’re a huge fan of adventure sports, never lose the opportunity to take part in the rafting sessions. The charges for rafting sessions in Rishikesh are comparatively lower than many other tourist spots.

Another amazing part of your Rishikesh trip should be Shivpuri rafting. Shivpuri is a local tourist spot nearby Rishikesh. This place is a step ahead of Rishikesh in terms of offering adventurous rafting experiences to tourists. However, you shouldn’t take part in rafting in Shivpuri without the proper supervision of experienced rafting trainers.

Why should you go rafting in Rishikesh?

River rafting in Rishikesh will give you a tremendous adventurous experience. This river rafting will not only make your trips memorable but make your heart beat faster also. Nowadays, rafting and kayaking in Rishikesh have become popular with people all over the world.

Rafting in the Ganges:

shivpuri rafting

  • River Rafting & Celebration in Rishikesh
  • River Ganga is known as “Mother of India.” Rafting, kayaking, or living in camps near the Ganga will give you refreshment. You can observe the beauty of the finest breath-taking scenery and experience the massive adventure of river rafters in Rishikesh River rafting as well.

Development of mental health:
Rafting provides you positive vibes, true fighting spirits and helps to boost your mental condition also. If you are bored too much in your everyday life, why won’t to take the rejuvenating experience of rafting?

Building long-lasting friendship:
River rafting, kayaking both are team games. It will help your team members to develop a bonding between them. Your team members need to work together towards the same goal to fulfil the rafting activities. So, it will improve their mental bonding for their working sectors too.

Some popular river rafting spots in Rishikesh


Some safety precautions while Rafting in Rishikesh

Although rafting gives you a terrific adventurous feeling, it has many risks also. So before availing the fun of rafting, you should follow some safety precautions.

i) Do not stand
The most important thing is you should not stand while moving on current. You may fell in the powerful waves from the boat.

ii) Overconfidence
Overconfidence leads to destructions. So, you must be aware of your skills and never try to show any heroic stuns there!

iii) Avoid unnecessary particles
It would be best to avoid tree branches or fallen debris in the water. If you see any of them, take a different route.

iv) Avoid cotton clothes
All of us know that the atmosphere of riverside areas is pretty much windy. So, wearing cotton clothes may catch a cold. You should wear woollen jackets or suits to keep you dry always.

v) Safety components
Always wear a helmet, life jackets, and proper shoes before you participate in rafting or kayaking.

vi) River rafting is not for pregnant women, heart patients, and asthmatic patients. If you have any kinds of injuries or medical complications then, avoid rafting will be the best option.

The nearby attractions that you can’t afford to miss

Though you’re planning the trip to Rishikesh on the occasion of Holi, it won’t be worth it unless you include sightseeing in your plan. There are several engaging destinations nearby Rishikesh that are worth visiting.

Ramjhula and lakshman jhula

Lakshmana Jhula Suspension Bridge Rishikesh

These decent places with mythological references are great attractions for tourists. Generally, people make one-day plans to visit these places. Both these places are located within a walking distance from Rishikesh. Modern hotels and resorts are available in both locations. You can enjoy the proper flavour of the forest environment while visiting these places.


If you’re enthusiastic about religious aspects and spiritual things, missing Haridwar will be a loss for you. The pilgrimage town is located at a distance of 20 km from Rishikesh. The evening aarti of Haridwar is one of the holiest things to visit in India. Holi celebration in Haridwar is also a splendid thing to watch. You can hire private cars for affordable rates to reach Haridwar for a day and you can come back to Rishikesh on the same day.


Numerous temples of Lord Shiva in Shivpuri are bound to create a spiritual impact on your mind. You can’t resist the visual appeal of the magical place anyway. The river-bridge of Shivpuri is a famous place and the whole area is surrounded by hills. You can spend all day while looking at the enchanting beauty of the hills.

Rajaji Tiger Reserve

rajaji tiger reserve

This is probably the most-visited tourist spot nearby Rishikesh. This is a sanctuary maintained by the Forest Department of the Indian Government. Most tourists visit this sanctuary for noticing tigers closely. People generally visit this sanctuary with their kids and family. Besides being a sanctuary, this is a national park and an amazing picnic spot as well. The distance between this sanctuary and Rishikesh is only 19 km.