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Rappelling In Rishikesh | Adventure Activities in Rishikesh

A number of images through which we go through for the case of rock climbing and rappelling will appear to be almost similar. There is just a minor difference between the two. In case of Rock climbing the individual is climbing up the rock either by the use of rope or even without the use of the rope. The rocks which are selected can be natural rock formation or even artificial rocks. Experiencing Rappelling in Rishikesh Rafting When these climbers are descending down the rock it is termed as Rappelling. It is even explained as a means of controlled descent from the rock. In this case, as there are chances of stiff rocks one needs to utilize the ropes for the case of protection. This also includes mastering some of the skills which contain creating anchors, tying knots, rope management, safety backup system utilization and many more. All these factors will together constitute Rappelling and will help the person to safely descend down the rock or cliff. For mastering the various skills which are required in the same there are numerous local challenges which are organized. It provides a platform for the competitors to showcase their expertise in performing the Rappelling. This task though carries enough safety and protection measures there are some of the dangers also associated with the same. There are few of the cases of people being lost due to rappelling off the rope while descending.

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Rappelling in Rishikesh