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There is not anything fascinating like traveling! People of any age, from anywhere in the world, go to remote places for unique sorts of fun – especially, for leisure, meeting relatives, and desire of exploring the world. Whether by plane or ship, train, traveling is generally a satisfying experience, at least for the people who can financially afford costly commutation.

One of the best advantages of traveling is finding and maintaining inner balance. Too often, humans get wrapped up in their lives, and the everyday habits of working, sleeping, eating, and living. They emerge as self-absorbed to the factor whilst their fatigue influences their health, their happiness, and their destiny. Traveling assists people in finding their true selves.

And Rishikesh is incredibly one such spiritual place where you can find peace.


The place has utmost religious significance. Irrespective of who or what you trust in or even if you’re no longer religious within the slightest, you’ll nonetheless sense the magic of the region. Even if you are not so spiritual, adventurous sports like rafting in Rishikesh , and camping in Rishikesh will surely leave you stunned. The place will provide you with an unforgettable experience throughout your life. Other things like Rows of shops selling splendid jewelry, traditional Madhubani artwork, cloth journals, sequined tapestries cushion covers, and a lot extra. Much more mysterious things like the Holi celebration in Rishikesh are the gem of the place.

Today we will throw light on Ram Jhula.

Ram Jhula is an iron suspension bridge at some point of the river Ganges, placed 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) north-east of the city Rishikesh inside the Indian nation of Uttarakhand. The bridge connects the Sivananda Nagar place of Muni Ki Reti in Tehri Garhwal district to Swargashram in Pauri Garhwal district crossing the river from west to east. Built-in the 12 months of 1986, the bridge is one of the iconic landmarks of Rishikesh.

There are various Hindu ashrams and non-secular center set up on each side of the Ganges. Although similar in design, this bridge is larger than Lakshman Jhula which is 2 kilometer upwards of the river glide. It is constructed with a span of 750 toes (230 m).

Motorbikes are allowed to run on this bridge.

History of Ram Jhula Rishikesh

The 2 bridges are named after the Indian gods and legendary characters of Ramayana.

Striking 70 ft above the water and stretched approximately 450 toes in length, the two bridges are famed all around the globe amongst tourists and visitors who have been to Rishikesh.

Legend has it that the younger brother, Lakshmana, crossed the Ganga (where Lakshman Jhula stands now) using just jute ropes. To honor his triumph, a 284 ft lengthy striking rope bridge, named Lakshman, became constructed within the same place in 1889.

Some other bridges, made with iron become built by using UPPWD (United Provinces Public Works branch) inside the year 1929. The bridge connects the 2 districts of Tehri and Pauri (Tapovan in Tehri and Jonk in Pauri). Rai Bahadur said that no toll or tax has to be accrued by anyone to move the bridge ever, which remains to date.

How to reach

Ram Jhula is about 32 km from Haridwar metropolis centre and approximately 15 km from Rishikesh metropolis centre.


You can also reach it by air to enjoy the Holi celebration in Rishikesh.


The Jolly Grant Airport is nearby Ram Jhula.

Some things to do

  • Regardless of what path you turn, you’ll always see the Himalayas out of the corner of your eye, what a sight they may be. Set apart an hour or, take a small hike towards the waterfalls and look out to the rolling mountains surrounding you. Even simply crossing the bridge, you’re inside the centre of the mountains, standing over the Ganges. It’s the centre of everything
  • You can shop around. Fabulous artwork is available in nearby markets. Visiting the small yet creative markets would thrill you. Buy anything you like and take it back to your hometown to show others.
  • The Holi celebration in Rishikesh is what the place is famous for. So, for your next Holi, pack your bags and head towards Rishikesh Ram Jhula.
  • You must try rafting in Shivpuri. Waves would be the best experience to be in. Believe me.
  • The camping in Shivpuri is what you can also do near Ram Jhula. So, be ready for the incredible camping experience in mountains.

After knowing all about Ram Jhula Rishikesh, it’s time to plan and go for the holiday trip. You can either go with your friends or family but remember to pack all the necessary things to enjoy as much as possible. If you are going near Holi, don’t forget to you have experience of Holi celebration in Rishikesh which is its centre of attraction.