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pawna lake

Pawna Lake is used to store water for community use it was brought into extant due to the Pawna Dam. It is located on the Pawna river in Maval taluka which is 40 Km from the borders of Pimpri Chinchwad city. The capacity of the Lake is around 10 thousand million cubic feet (TMC). The Dam constructed from 1963 till 1972. The backwaters of the Pawna Dam formed a river flow, and the Pawna Dam backwaters, later on, came to be known as Pawna Lake.

Pawna Lake is in a location where you feel natural environment it is located in the Western Ghats which makes the natural hot spot for flora and fauna (which means a relatively hot temperature area in comparison to its surroundings). The main purpose to construct the Pawna Dam is to create hydroelectric power generation and water supply. It is a multipurpose project and it has a power generation capacity of 1250 MW.

It is around 20 KMs away from the Lonavala Railway Station. You can take a taxi or a cab to reach the destination. There is easily available accessibility and a good road from Pune, Lonavala, and Mumbai to Pawna Lake. Local people can easily enjoy camping at Pawna Lake on the weekends. The train route of Pawna Lake is very beautiful and scenic.

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna lake is also known as Pawna Dam Reservoir which is 25 Km from Lonavala. It is the best picnic spot near Pune and Mumbai and nowadays, it has become popular for camping also. It is the best camping site to visit on weekends and experience a splendid trip for one or two days. Camping is one such experience where the soul gets revitalized and free from tension and anxiety. This exotic place full of nature is open in all seasons and it is open for all age groups people. In Monsoon, camping will give you a perfect treat you can say. Sleeping under the stars with the background sounds of insects, the scary night feels amazing, which gives our tiredness out and fills it with new energy. Pawna Lake camping is very famous and attracts lots of tourists and a lot of corporate, young crowd as well. From the busy and tiring schedules of the office, people enjoy weekend camping at Pawna Lake, which is the best place for weekend gateway and it is hardly 25Kms.

You can place your tents near the perimeter of the lake and enjoy the meals and entertain on the shore. The setup becomes vibrant with live music, bonfire, games, and barbeque dinner, this can turning an evening into a perfect camping destination for tourists. This place is good for sightseeing also. The lake provides fresh water to the area of Chinchwad. There are also several forts visitors can visit like Tungi, Lohgad, and Tikona and also many temples around the lake. Trekkers also explore this area for trekking. It is the best to place for camping and also trekking on the forts. Lots of advertisements are shot with this lake in the background.

An island middle of the water creates its beauty. Camping in Pawna Lake offers you a dream that you dreamt of in a holiday location – a calm and beautiful location which is peaceful and full of scenic views and you have also the freedom to explore in that location. The ancient view of forts is added to camping sessions a much more opportunity to explore new things in our history, there is so much to see. Camping at Pawna Lake makes you’re camping convenient, beautiful, and totally memorable. Tourism in Pawna Lake has seen a rapid rise due to the water body’s close to Lonavala hill station and forts. Lots of camping business has been started around Pawna Lake. Pawna Lake attracts tourists mainly from two major cities of Pune and Mumbai.

Other Activities at Pawna Lake

Adventures at Dudhiware Waterfall – Dudhiware waterfall is a seasonal waterfall that falls only in monsoon and it is located at Dudhiware village, near Lonavala. You can enjoy the beauty of Dudhiware waterfall and also enjoy activities like zip-lining, valley crossing, etc. These adventure activities are full in monsoon season it is the peak time of monsoon season. At this time rivers run full and you can enjoy the waterfall only in monsoon season.

Paragliding at Pawna Lake – Paragliding in Pawna Dam is must visit the place and it is the best destination for adventure lovers. You can feel wonderful do paragliding it is the best experience to watch the sunset and fly in the sky.

Trek to Lohagad or Visapur – Lonavala is a jackpot of beautiful mountains and forts. Visapur Fort is also located in Lonavala. Lohagad fort connected to Visapur fort is a good place for trekking if you have time to cover both forts in one day. Lohagad fort has only stairs and it takes fewer amounts of trekking, while in Visapur trek it is a treat to adventure seekers because it is larger and at a higher elevation than the Lohagad fort.

Tikona Fort Trek – Tikona is also known as Vitandgad is the major hill fort in Mawal and it is 37.7 Km from Lonavala. This is a 3500 ft high hill and it is pyramidal in shape that’s why it is called Tikona means ‘Triangular’. This fort has beautiful trekking destinations the temple of ‘Trimbakeshwar Mahadev’, seven water tanks, and Satvahan caves. The temple of Mahadev is inside the cave with the small waterfall along with the trek. This is the main attraction for tourists in this fort. The entry to the entrance of the fort is a bit vertical with rotated stairs. You can see the outstanding views of Pawna Lake and the forts at Visapur and Lohagad. The view from the fort is magnificent.

Kayaking at Pawna Lake – Kayaking is also available at Pawna Lake near Lonavala. It is very peaceful to sit and kayak in the water alone. It can fit your physical and mental well-being. Everyone should experience it because it is very soothing and relaxing. Kayaking has slowly gained popularity among the adventure community but it is still an activity you can enjoy alone and take your tensions out of you.

Best time to visit Pawna Lake

Due to the soothing climate throughout the year, Pawna Lake remains a valued or highly enough favorite place to be visited anytime you want to. Most of the area of Lonavala is extremely dehydrated and many ponds and lakes dry up in summer, but Pawna Lake is also a Dam and has water even in May. Summers at Pawna Lake are bubbling hot and humid. The temperature of Pawna Lake in summers is 40 degrees and experience high humidity. So it is good for tourists to avoid visit Pawna Lake in summer. The humidity starts at Pawna Lake from March and extends till the end of April.

The temperature is comfortable at night. This place receives significant rainfall during the year. Monsoon month is good for those tourists who want a scenic view in the camping session. It is a perfect give of nature to see the green meadows at monsoon time. Winters welcome the tourists from hot areas to cool and pleasant areas. The tourists who came from the southern area are feeling happy and relaxed to come to Pawna Lake in winter because it is an excellent season to visit the town where the nights are cool and chilly with a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius and maximum rise of a temperature 30 degrees Celsius.

How to reach Pawna Lake

You need to take a flight to Mumbai and then if you want to travel by Car or Jeep, you will take a route of Kamshet which is 2.8 hrs drive. Mumbai to Khamshet distance is 102 Kms and by plane, it is 79 Kms, from Khamshet you can take the train which is 22Km from Khamshet railway station to Pawna Lake. The second option is from Mumbai to Dudhiware Khind it is 2 hrs drive which is 91.5 Km. If you want to save your traveling time, Dudhiware Khind is an ideal option it will take 30 minutes to reach Dudhiware Khind to Pawna Lake and it is 11.2Kms.