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Kaudiyala Rafting

Important factor about Kaudiyala Rafting

Are you seeking a stunning holiday this year? Are you and your family members confused while picking a suitable destination among so many options? Well, we suggest Rishikesh as a top choice for visiting in the next vacation. Considering the pleasant climate of Rishikesh, the hill-surrounded town comes at the top of our suggestion list of top Indian destinations for summer trips.


Rishikesh is an exotic city with loads of amazing activities in its stock to please you. Besides enjoying the peaceful natural touch, here you get the chance to fill your holiday with a tinge of adventure. Almost every travel agency has launched attractive new year packages Rishikesh at affordable ranges. Such trips include both sightseeing and adventure sports. Almost every travel-maniac is familiar with the popularity of adventure sports in Rishikesh and its nearby locations. The Ganga and the Byasi are two main rivers that you find on your way to Rishikesh and almost every Hrishikesh holiday package includes rafting programs in these rivers. The Byasi rafting is an inseparable feature of every Rishikesh tour package.


All about Kaudiyala rafting 

Kaudiyala Rafting


However, Kaudiyala rafting is a must-include activity that you can’t overlook while planning a Rishikesh trip. Most travelers focus on Rishikesh rafting or Shivpuri rafting as they haven’t made acquaintance with the name of Kaudiyala. The specialty of rafting in Kaudiyala is that here you get the chance to experience white water rafting. You can’t enjoy that anywhere else in India. Rafting experiences in Kaudiyala shared by travelers are overwhelming. Kaudiyala didn’t get the deserved fame as this is not a huge town with all sorts of modern amenities. Rather the hill-village is located at a distance of 35 km from the main premises of Rishikesh.


If you’re starting from Shivpuri, you’ll have to travel a distance of 22 km to reach Kaudiyala. Remember that the rafting organizers in Kaudiyala won’t allow you for rafting sessions if you’re going to raft for the first time. Moreover, they don’t arrange rafting sessions if without a minimum of six rafting enthusiasts. So, if you’re interested in rafting in Kaudiyala, take as many family members or friends as you can for the trip.


Why would you include Kaudiyala rafting in your plan? 


Most Kaudiyala rafting sessions are conducted when the Ganga runs in high flows. This is significant as you can’t enjoy rafting to the fullest unless the river runs high. The organizers keep this thing in consideration and arrange the rafting sessions for travelers accordingly.


While you can avail of grade-I and grade-II rafting in other destinations, rafting in Kaudiyala starts from grade-III. No need to specify separately that rafting sessions in Kaudiyala are way more challenging than other destinations. That’s what makes the destination favorable for adventure-lovers. If you want to feel the thrill of rafting in a high-flowing river, Kaudiyala rafting is the best option for you. The best thing about Kaudiyala rafting is that you can add to this program along with the Rishikesh camping or camping in Shivpuri program. You just need to hire a car or a jeep so that traveling to nearby places from Rishikesh becomes effortless for you.

Kaudiyala Camping


While rafting in Kaudiyala, you get a chance to experience grade-V rafting. This is the only place where you can experience that as no other destination offers grade-V rafting on the Ganga. Anyway, you can’t participate in that hardest level of rafting unless you have previous experiences of rafting. Besides rafting, you can plan for camping to experience the spectacular night environment of Kaudiyala.


Costs and duration of Kaudiyala rafting 


Generally, the overall costs of Kaudiyala rafting vary from 3500 to 5500 INR. All the necessary accessories for rafting and other amenities are included in this price segment. It depends on you which package you would choose. Also, the charges differ due to different rafting durations. If you choose a rafting package of 1 night and 2 days, 3500 INR is the average cost for that. You will have to pay more for rafting packages with longer durations.


Most people prefer rafting packages of 2 nights and 3 days to enjoy the activity to the fullest. The time for rafting also matters for your better experience. The time span from October to April is the friendliest period for rafting. If you’re planning to have a vacation in Rishikesh with rafting sessions, this time will be the most suitable phase of the year.


Anyway, you need to pre-book Kaudiyala rafting packages three-four months before going on the trip. Thousands of Indian and foreign travelers book rafting packages to take the adventurous flavor of the event. You won’t be able to participate in rafting events without pre-booking. So, book your Rishikesh holiday as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to raft in the Ganga.