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Holi celebration in Rishikesh

Holi Celebration In Rishikesh With Us This Year!

Holi festival is the festival of joy. It is the day of counting the smiley faces and playing with colors. On this day, people visit family and friends and come together to throw colors on each other’s faces. It is a day to dance all with pride and beat the drums or musical instruments while moving from place to place and dancing or singing all the way long. Celebrate an amazing Holi eve in


Light the Bonfire

Fire the combustible statute of Holika. It is believed that on this day, Holika sat on the fire with the lord Prahalad (who was in his childhood age) in her laps. Suddenly, a miracle happens where lord Prahalad was not even harmed with a small wound but also came out of the fire safely. And the one who burns with the fire was Holika herself. This is why the day is called to be Holi in the name of Holika.

The night before the actual day of celebration is meant for the bonfire to some rituals’ knowledge with the day by remembering the god. The day is said to be the win over the evil deeds. It is the day when people enjoy each other’s presence and forget the bad thoughts or the flashbacks of bad relationships. It is said that the fire is set all to burn the negative thoughts and re-energize one with the essence of the start of new relationships.

holi celebration in rishikesh

Get a holiday and spend your favorite time in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

River Ganga is one of the most sacred rivers to Hindus that flows through Rishikesh. It is also spelled as Hrishikesh. The city is located in the Indian state Uttarakhand. It is known to be the gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas and the world’s yoga capital. The state of Uttarakhand has the city Haridwar in its north. It is one of the pilgrimage towns regarded as the holiest place to Hindus. You can look for the Holi celebration in Rishikesh or Holi eve in Rishikesh and be the one to visit the national heritage cities in Uttarakhand.

Here, the Ganga River is beautifully accommodated with villages and towns on the state’s high cliff. There are several temples, ancient places along the bank of the Ganga River. It is the place where people often stay or visit while moving towards the higher mountains. The place is famous for its local and heritage handicrafts.

You can look for the Holi Celebration In Rishikesh and get the Holi packages from Rishikesh to enjoy your day in the laps of nature!

Holi celebration in Rishikesh plan a night Party

rishikesh holi packages

After doing Holika and completing the customs, you can plan for a night out for a long drive to some sacred places or just enjoy the night with a small get-together. Welcome the spring while spending some leisure time with your lovable. And welcome the day with all pride and love to forget all the bitterness of the things that there is in mind so far.

Enjoy the outstanding Indian food with the twitch of masalas and spices

When you visit India, you will get to know the essence of spices and herbs. The place is the hub of all the traditional things that used to be in the kitchen in some centuries. You can either ask for the spices to get the taste or just look by yourself while going from place to place. Even the tea has been given several tastes that will surely make you feel alive and be there in India for always!

Ring in the spring: get some messy and colorful look for the day

You can purchase colorful clothes for the party or get the colors from the market. Put it on the clothes, faces or just bathe with the colors. The festival brings traditional throwing with it. It lets you behave as you want and be friendly or quirky with everyone you see on the path.

Get a beautiful henna tattoo

Henna tattoos are more popular than anything to compare with. You can get it on the legs, hands, palms, wrist, or even the muscles of your arms, or get some new look with the freckles on the face to get some quirky Holi looks. Get the designs matched with the skin tones and wear some eye-catching look with the traditional henna.

Watch the story behind the rituals and the celebration

rishikesh holi party

This is the day of dancing and singing in the morning till afternoon where the people smear each other all with colors. It not only signifies the rituals where lord Vishnu wins over the bad deeds of the evil but is also a day of playing like lord Krishna. The latter was the child of two mothers and brought the start of the spring season with the happiness of the Holi Celebration In Rishikesh.

The day brings the stories behind it related to the symbols and rituals and lets the people give a chance to enjoy together and forget all the bad deeds being collected in mind. It is the day to share delicacies, sweets, foods, and drinks. The day brings laughter, gossip, dancing, singing, and all the relatives under one roof while playing with pride and the colors, of course. It is the day of forgetting the intoxicating elements that hinder anyone with the steps to come together. For the Holi celebration in Rishikesh Visit Rishikesh this year and make your Holi memorable!