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Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort – A Resort in the Nature’s Cave

Guhantara is India’s first cave housing theme resort. Guhantara means – in the heart of the cave and is nested serenity under the surface of the earth. It is located in Kanakapura near Bangalore, Karnataka. The resort has 20 rooms with unsuitable bathrooms and a sit-out; each room has sightseeing of lake that has been created by rainwater harvesting. This place is peaceful and the ambiance of providing scary caves and jungle look is wonderful. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians food are provided in a wide variety. Beautiful concepts and it is kids friendly too. It is a good option for a weekend getaway.

Activities at Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort

Snooker – it is an indoor game in which a player have to hit the ball with a stick.

Rope walk – it is an outdoor game in which the player walks into the rope and balance is the key in this sport.

Zorbing ball – it is also an outdoor sport in which a player has to sit inside the big ball and it is rolling downhill. It is generally performed on a gentle slope but also done on a level surface the rider has to control the ball.

Horse riding – in this you have to sit on horseback and take a ride to guhantara resort.

Dance floor – in this you have to dance in the beautiful dance floor and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Disco night – in this a variety of songs will play for you in the disco night you have to just dance in that disco night.

Zipline – it is an aerial runway suspended on a cable usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a downhill. A participant has to ride on the zip line straight to the downhill.

Bungee trampoline – the participants put on a bungee trampoline harness and it is hooked to several bungee ropes you have to just jump in the trampoline and enjoy your sport.

Fish spa – in this you have to put your feet into the tank the fishes start to bites on your skin and they suck your dead skin cells. This therapy is removing your dead skin and cures your infections.

Main attractions in Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort

Ayurvedic SPA – Agastya Kuteera – It is located in the cave resort, the Ayurvedic spa gives you the relaxation of your mind and soul, spirit, and senses. The travelers come to take the spa and leave rejuvenated, undergoing natural cleansing programs for the body and the mind. The Ayurvedic Spa of Agastya Kuteera boosts your immune system, detoxify and cleanse your system and leave you in good health.

Sambhojana – It is a food court of Guhantara cave resort that serves multi-cuisine food and it has simple and classic decor in the Sambhojana to give you a beautiful feel.

Madhushala – It is a bar of the underground cave resort and the decor of the bar is like a simple and silent den.

Rangamandapa – It is auditorium with a capacity of 700 people, the entertainment, folk and dance programme are held in Rangamandapa.

Samvaad – It is a fully equipped conference room where the meeting and big conferences are taken place it is also comes with state of the art facilities.

Facilities at Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort

Basic – The Guhantara resort is one of the resorts in India which gives you the modern facilities like free parking, Doctor on call, laundry, elevator, room service, currency exchange and free Wi-Fi.

Wellness – The wellness facilities means Gymnasium, Health club, Spa and Massage.

Dining – For dining it includes food court of the resort i.e., Sambhojna, bar and restaurant, coffee shop, banquet facilities and breakfast services.

Outdoor Games and Fun Activities – It includes swimming pool, bonfire on demand, beach volleyball, cricket, tug of war, bow and arrow, kite flying etc.

Indoor Games and Fun Activities – It includes table tennis, carom board, chess, darts, DJ rain dance etc.

Kids Play Area – Guhantara resorts have kid’s area also where the kids enjoy in swings and play variety of games.

Housing Facilities/Accomodation

Guhantara Resort

Right from the first time, you walk into Guhantara through a ventilated grotto underpass (tunnel), so you feel unexpected things happen to you. Walk into the open impoundment at the end of the underpass you will feel the sound of a thundering man-made waterfall that is built inside the cave and also get ready to take part in various activities that are planned for you. The resort staff ensures you pamper each and every day to give you the best experience in the Guhantara resort.

Guhantara amenities three types of rooms – each room has its own quality and it is personalized by your comforts. Each room continues with the theme of the resort, settled within the cave and with a character and glow of their own. Guests visiting the premises can choose between the options what they take the cheaper one or higher one all rooms are beautiful and adventurous.

Few tips to follow mandatory when you come Guhantara Resort:

How to Reach Guhantara Resort

Quad bike – it is a light utility bike with handlebars for steering control and it is a good sport bike to race in sports.

Bull ride – it is a sport in which you have to sit in bulls back and the bull shake all over the area, you have to sit on his back tightly otherwise you will fall.

The Guhantara Resort is approx. 35 Km away from Bangalore. You can reach the place via the beautiful Bangalore Mysore Expressway. Wherever the city you are take a flight to Bangalore and come to explore the beautiful cave resort in Bangalore.