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Exploring Giant Swing Rishikesh By The Tourists

Giant Swing
There are few of the places which in addition to being the tourist places also carries their own unique religious significance. These places are carrying an ancient story which has become the source of encouragement for the making of these destinations and also for gaining significance of these places. People from all over the world are visiting here to explore the beauty of these places.

Details about the Giant Swing Rishikesh

This was constructed in front of the Devasthan shrine which was by King Rama I. The ceremony of the same was performed until the time of 1935. As there were several fatal accidents which took place due to that it was then discontinued. This was build based on the epic story which includes the Brahma who created this world.

The pillars which are there of the giant swing is representing the giant mountains from the epic story. The circular base which is constructed at the bottom is representing the earth and also the seas which is present over the earth. Upon starting of the ceremony, brahmins used to swing over the same. They try to grab the bag of coins which is placed over one of the pillars over which they are swinging.

This swinging was then banned due to the kind of hazard which was present in the same for the people who is performing the ritual. It creates great enthusiasm for the travellers to even explore the giant swinging and also getting to know the ancient history of the place.

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