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Try out Flying Fox in Rishikesh, An Innovative Sport

Flying Fox in Rishikesh is an amazing sport which is also termed as the smaller scale zip line. It is also considered as the item of the children’s play equipment. This is out there except at the places of Australia and New Zealand. At these places, it is termed as a professional form of the zip line equipment.

Details about the Flying Fox In Rishikesh

In this sport, a car is normally used which is attached to the cable. It is further consisting of a cable which is attached to a single-handed grip which will help it to move the components or an individual. The user which is to be moved by that is usually hanging underneath the same. This user is attached to the bucket which is further used for transporting various items. This construction can also include transporting a seat or even a safety strap. The versions which are specifically designed for children are not set up with a design of steep inclination. This will ensure that the speed which is attained for transporting is maintained within limits which will remove the need for keeping the stopping mechanism. It is required that this mechanism is propelled by its own by gravity which will further require that the slope which is kept is steep in nature. Even after that, the car which is attached might not travel till the end. Normally rope is used for the flying fox rather than using the steel cable. Riders which are using the flying fox will require harnesses for the desired support.

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Flyingfox in Rishikesh