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Devprayag Rafting

Best choices for adventure lovers: Rishikesh to Devprayag  rafting and camps

Devprayag rafting intro – Nowadays river rafting has become an exciting sport. It includes riding on rough water waves. You can enjoy it with your group of friends or family. Rafting in the Ganga river is blissful and exciting. 


Rishikesh is one of the most popular places to visit for river rafting. If you’re thinking and planning to go visit and relax in a place with your friends and family, Rishikesh campings can be a great option. A popular spot for campings and sport is present at the Byasi village of Rishikesh. River rafting in Rishikesh is a popular sport that has been there for many years. 


Byasi river in Rishikesh is lived by adventure lovers. This is a perfect spot for camping under the open sky and rafting in the lap of the Ganga river. Devpryag rafting will give you a great experience. It will leave you with unforgettable memories and joy.

Devprayag Rafting


Once you reach here, you will find a wide range of camps is there. As we know there are a few categories linked with each camp. The Packages and costs are also different. One can find a lot of camps in Byasi which are located around 30 to 40 km from Rishikesh valley. These camps particularly have many activities that stand them apart from other campaigns like cliff jumping, kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, sky-ladder, and other adventurous sports. 


Come and enjoy our new year packages Rishikesh for  Devpryag rafting. The facilities for rafting in Rishikesh are quite adventurous and amazing. It will surely leave you with chills and thrills. 

Devprayag Camping


The Ganga is known and believed to be one of the devout rivers in the whole country. Many people from different areas of the country come to visit the Ganga. The exciting and adventurous sport, therefore, adds more excitement to it. If you are planning a weekend vacation with your loved ones, then Rishikesh camping can be your option to go for. As it is one of the popular destinations for sport and other fun games. Byasi rafting is an adventure-filled and exciting task to go for. To quench the thirst for a great adventure You can visit Rishikesh and have a lot of thrill while riding the high white-water waves.


River rafting in Rishikesh or white-water rafting is one of the popular adventure events. Every year hundreds of sport and adventure lovers visit this place to feed their hunger for a thrill. It attracts many tourists from wide and far. The amazement of rafting on the unstable rapids of river Ganga is enjoyed all through the year excluding the seasons of winter and monsoon. Camping in Shivpuri can be a great option. You can also enjoy Devprayag rafting.  


Rishikesh camping is an amazing way to feel blissful and close in contact with nature. It is the prettiest spot to sit under the stars and enjoy the beautiful sight. Book and experience the Rishikesh camping with Shivpuri rafting


Rishikesh not only welcomes tourists for exciting rafting adventures, but it also offers paths for all-out adrenaline rush action. The town and nearby locations have uncountable thrust points and one of the most popular among all of these is Devprayag. Devprayag is known for its amazing view of the river and many thrilling rafting opportunities. This place is sought after by adventure and thrill lovers from all over the globe.


Here you need to know some facts. The stretch of the Ganges (also known as the Ganga) from Devprayag to Rishikesh, is filled with some of the world’s most adventure-filled rough white-water waves. Although expert advice is compulsory if you’re aiming to dive Devprayag. The 13 river swifts that will come between Rishikesh and Devprayag have been classified into different stages.

Devprayag Camping


These grades are in absolute consent with international values. There will be expert guides to help you if in trouble. Rapids particularly at this site in Devprayag is grade 3 and also grade 4 ones. These stages are marked as ‘tough’ compared to the major obstacles that come their way. Irregular rough water waves, unexpected rocks, and other obstacles will wait for you when you battle with the coming rough waves of the holy Ganga river.


Also, you have to wait for small hurdles to come in between unusual corners. An outstanding example of the hard obstacles is ‘The wall’. The wall is a swift where 90 percent of the raft boards can easily get flipped over. The Kaudiyala stretch also will give you a major experience of up to 3 4 times as a precondition. Devprayag rafting can be a great option for you if you’re an adventure and sports lover. You can experience this amazing Kaudiyala rafting with your group of thrill-craved friends.

Questions – Can all age people go for Devprayag rafting?

Ans. no, this one is one of the most difficult rafting stretches of Rishikesh. So for Devprayag rafting is eligible for experienced persons.