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Explore Camping in Shivpuri for a Thrilling Adventure

Shivpuri which is considered as the starting point for camping in Rishikesh is a magnificent place that consists of incredible camping sites that make it a thrill to visit. Every year thousands of tourists look forward to Camping in Shivpuri owing to its scenic and natural beauty accompanied by adventurous activities. People who love to explore the beauty of this amazing place throng with passion to experience an unmatchable belief that is catered consistently.

There some hill station places that have a limitation to enjoy in a specific period of day but Camping Experience in Shivpuri allows you to enjoy day and night with full of lively activities. As situated in lap of Nature you can make your morning experience joyful with chirping of birds with a bright sunshine.

Attractive Camping Packages in Shivpuri

attractive camping packages shivpuri

One can easily have an adventurous camping & rafting experience in Shivpuri which is known to provide exclusive packages for the tourists around the world. Shivpuri is considered as a small village that is situated around the foothills of the epic Himalayas. This small village is around 18.5 Km from Rishikesh and can be reached via road easily from NH58.

Shivpuri Camping Packages can be bifurcated as the following:-

  • Standard (General) Camps: – These camps provide basic facilities for the visitors to exemplify their visit. It includes Pillows, Blankets and other essential utilities so that you need to carry a big bag for the same. Common Washrooms are provided under these camps.

  • Luxury Camps:- Luxury Camps provide plush facilities including mouth watering cuisines representing different countries besides luxury accommodation in Shivpuri to make your camping experience incredible.

What are the Essential Things and Utilities that need to be Carried Out in Shivpuri Camps?

There are certain utilities and quite considered as mandatory due to the nature of Shivpuri, it includes River or Boat Shoes, Trekking Shoes, Winter Clothes, Body Warmers, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Sunglasses, Camera and many more that could your experience more lively and safe.

Camping in Shivpuri  Memories – An Unimaginable Experience

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Camping is one of those activities that make a person feel thrilling with a sporty spirit. It encompasses all the age groups being not centric to any particular age group. This makes it even more lovely and pleasing, people always look forward to enjoy the beauty of this place and make memorable and cherishing experience. Who doesn’t wants to spend quality time with their loved ones in outdoors which is distant from the busy and hectic life of city? People rejuvenate themselves with the coordination of nature.

Some Camping Tips to Make a Smooth Visit in Shivpuri

Shivpuri is situated in the foothills of Himalayas and it’s a cool and pleasant place, tourists of all age groups visit here with their families, friends, elderly people so its important to take care of certain things to avoid any issues:-

  • To properly follow the guidelines provided by guides and experts in this region
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry or other wearable items to avoid any issues
  • To Carry additional clothes due to various activities and climate
  • To Walk in Groups insteas of wandering alone
  • If you are a newbie in this region or rafting activities properly ensure the safety measures

Ideal Time Period to Have A Wonderful Experience of Shivpuri Camping

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Shivpuri is definitely a hot cake among the tourists who are ready year around to visit this beautiful place but ideally the perfect season to visit this place is from September till mid of November and secondly from onset of March to May. It’s a naturally inhibited place that has contributed towards its beauty of nature and the local population living here.

FAQs for Camping Experience in Shivpuri

1. Is Camping Safe in Shivpuri?

Ans. Shivpuri is one of the most safest and pleasant locations to have camping and rafting not only in India but across the world. There is always a level of safety ensured to carry out the things in a proper and safe manner for the tourists.

2. Is Food Easily Available for Camping and Traveling in Shivpuri?

Ans. Food is available in abundance for the people at every level, there is no doubt that the kind of food huts and the supply chain doesn’t feel you that you are away from home. Visitors always feel a 2nd Home out here that makes an emphatic experience for them.

3. Which kind of Camps should be opted?

Ans. As mentioned above there are usually 2 types of camps offered for the visitors in Shivpuri i.e. Standard (General) Camps and Luxury Camps. Both offer various amenities according to the budget so that people can opt according to their requirements without any issues and flaws in their own regards.

4. What Sort of Activities are covered Shivpuri Camping Packages?

Ans. Various adventurous activities are provided for wholesome experience like river rafting, paragliding, trekking, bird seeing, rappelling and various other useful activities to have an incredible experience.

Some Popular Camping In Shivpuri

INCLUSIONS: Welcome Drink on Arrival, Buffet Meals, Evening & Morning Tea, DJ Night & Bonfire, Unlimited Veg and Non Veg Snacks, Waterfall Trekking, Indoor & Outdoor Games

INCLUSIONS: Welcome Drink on Arrival, Buffet Meals, Evening & Morning Tea, DJ Night & Bonfire, Unlimited Veg and Non Veg Snacks, Waterfall Trekking, Indoor & Outdoor Games

INCLUSIONS: Welcome Drink on Arrival, Buffet Meals, Evening & Morning Tea, DJ Night & Bonfire, Unlimited Veg and Non Veg Snacks, Waterfall Trekking, Indoor & Outdoor Games