Rishikesh Rafting

Aqua Forest Camp Rishikesh

Aqua Forest Camp Rishikesh

Where to stay while camping in Rishikesh, Aqua Forest Rafting Camp in Rishikesh

The Aqua Forest camp Rishikesh is one of Rishikesh’s most open and well-packed camps with all the facilities to offer while camping in Rishikesh. Rishikesh camping In the middle of the forest, surrounded by lush green trees and the River Ganga flowing right outside the window, one of the best camping and adventure experiences take you out of the mind. Six Swiss tents with an attached toilet, air coolers, lamps, blankets and cupboards, a swimming pool, backup water, and electricity are available in the luxury camps. No other camp can boast that they have incredibly comfortable accommodation at any price so close to Whitewater Rishikesh camp Rafting locations. Camp Aqua forest is an excellent place for businesses and families capable of living in extravagance camps in Rishikesh.

Place: Kaudiyala

Inclusions: 3 Meal Buffets Bonfire Music 16 km Rafting

Price-approximately 1199 per person only

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