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    All Camps & Cottages are very beautiful with attached washrooms.

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    Rishikesh rafting Introduction – 

    In Rishikesh, Rafting is an activity performed on turbulent flowing waters in small inflatable boats (Raft). Each raft can accommodate nine members which include eight rafters along with one rafting instructor.

    If your search is for an adventurous and cherishable trip of a lifetime, then river rafting in Rishikesh must be your destination. The roaring rapids of the Ganges rushing down the ranges of the Himalayas makes Rishikesh rafting thrilling to visitors from India and across the globe. Rishikesh is one of the favorite destinations for adventure-seeking groups.

    Adults can enjoy the exciting journey of rafting at Rishikesh along with their children, as it is a fun filling experience for them. River rafting leaves a memorable impression if it is carried under professional guidance.

    Reason For Opting Rafting In Rishikesh

    To flow along with the mighty Ganges and have a glance at the breathtaking topography of the great Himalayas around raft in Rishikesh.

    1. This trip enables us to build long-lasting relationships. It is the journey where one will live for the life of others, making it a real sport for team building. Being situated in the lap of nature this place is a treat to visit during its peak time.
    2. The choppy flow of the Ganges makes the rafting pulse racing and adrenaline-pumping sport for the visitors. This adventurous activity really pumps the energy when you raft with the flowing water making it a thrilling experience.
    3. Rafting here acts as a mental health booster. It gives participants the confidence to overcome fears and obstacles in life. Installs never give up attitude and turns one’s soul into a fighting spirit.

    Rishikesh Adventure Cottages

    River Sided Swiss Luxury Camps is really a pleasant activity in Rishikesh for tourist to experience a unique time spent with some special people.
    Eco Camp in Rishikesh as name also suggest ECO FRIENDLY Place situated in the Heart of city Uttarakhand Rishikesh, which is very famous hill station.

    Located admist serene hills of Rishikesh on Neelkhanth Mahadev temple road wolf adventure river side cottage provides a comfortable stay.

    Giving You the best location of Rishikesh on Neelkanth Mahadev temple road gattu ghat on the bank of the river Hyule (The Tributary of Ganga).

    rafting in rishikesh

    Different Grades in Rishikesh Rafting

    Grade I: It is the most preferred rafting point for the family. This grade of rafting is less choppy, easy to raft, and there are no obstacles. Brahmpuri falls in this grade. It is nearly 8km. It is the nearest point to Rishikesh where you can set out for rafting. It is also one of the most common points being visited by the tourists.

    Grade II: This rafting starts from Shivpuri and ends at LaxmanJhula. Youngsters prefer it. The rafting distance is 16km which has moderate turbulence and uneven flow with lighter obstacles. Here the rafters require a bit of guidance.

    Grade III: Grade III rafting starts at Marine Drive and ends at Rishikesh, which is the third starting point from Rishikesh. This passage is more complicated than Grade II with continuous irregular waves and high rocks in the path. This journey needs much expertise. One should have prior experience in rafting before getting into this way as it constitutes more obstacles.

    Grade IV: It is adventurous and gives fist-pumping experience to adventure seekers. The high waves in the narrow path with numerous jumps from cliffs can upend the raft. Here the flow of the Ganges is fast. Rapids here can be enjoyed by the enthusiastic rafters as 90% of the rafts topple in this way. The passage from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh falls into grade IV rafting. It is a 36km range. Tourists mostly prefer this.

    Checklist during rafting in Rishikesh

    Choosing light clothes to wear and keeping an extra pair of clothes after rafting is necessary.

    • Ask for a life jacket and buckle it to multiply your protection while rafting in the choppy Ganges.
    • Wearing a helmet is a must and helps in avoiding severe injuries in some unexpected events of the trip.
    • Wear a fully covering sports shoe which gives you grip and protection.
    • Read the instructions and listen to the instructor about the dos and don’ts of the journey.
    • Try to know your fellow mates before starting the journey to enable proper coordination as rafting is the team sport.

    Things You Should Never Do During Rafting in Rishikesh

    • Do not stand. Standing destabilizes the balance, and you may fall into the waters. In case if you fall into the river, keep your face upstream and towards the sky. Just float on your back.
    • Do not consume alcohol. It makes you feel drowsy.
    • Observe the course of the raft and readjust it if you find any obstacles in the way.
    • Do not wear a damaged life jacket. Wearing an oversized life jacket makes you uncomfortable.
    • Rafting is not safe for asthmatics, pregnant women, and heart patients.
    • Don’t forget that it is a team sport.
    • Don’t try to do things which are not allowed as it could be dangerous for the life.
    rishikesh rafting grades
    rafting in rishikesh

    How to choose the Best River Rafting Company in Rishikesh

    • Look for the services and security measures taken by the company.
    • Look for short-term insurance providing company.
    • Reviews and testimonials of the customers about various river rafting companies help you to select a genuine and safe company.
    • Search for the best package of Rishikesh rafting by comparing various companies’ packages.
    • Take the advice of the dear ones who have prior experience at Rishikesh.
    • Fix the date in advance and book a slot for river rafting.


    Meera Singh

    It was our Office trip in Rishikesh we were around 70 people traveling there so we were confused to choose the camp and location. Then we call to Rishikesh rafting they book a camp near to the Laxman Jhula by the name of Camp river Zone the camp was too good and it was too specious for playing and near to the river.

    Meera Singh

    Team Leader

    Chander Darshan Singh

    I was there with my friends for enjoying our weekend after a long working schedule, so we call rafting Rishikesh for arranging our stay in some peaceful place they book camp in Rishikesh with such an amazing location we enjoy it a lot there.

    Chander Darshan Singh

    Store Manager

    Mehtab Singh

    I was there in New Year for celebrating New Year Eve with my family thanks to the Rishikesh camp for a resort that they book for me it was awesome and the Night Party was too Good.

    Mehtab Singh

    Incharge Manager

    Ashish Kumar

    Awesome Experience !! we were there in winters with my friends we enjoy a lot thanks to Rishikesh Camp for organising such a memorable stay there.

    Ashish Kumar

    Sales & Marketing


    It was a wonderfull camp site in shivpuri Rishikesh camp help me for choosing such a amazing camp in rishikesh we enjoy a lot.

    Mahesh Obroi

    Tech Expert

    Shishpal Singh Rawat

    I belong to Uttarakhand but now I am living in Delhi so we just make a plan to visit Rishikesh for camping. Me and my friends book camp from Rishikesh Camp, The Services of camp and food were awesome.

    Shishpal Singh Rawat

    Ekart Executive

    Some Thrilling Adventure Activities

    Rappelling in Rishikesh

    Rappelling in Rishikesh

    Starting @ Rs.3200/-

    Flyingfox in Rishikesh

    Flyingfox in Rishikesh

    Starting @ Rs.3500/-

    Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

    Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

    Starting @ Rs.3700/-

    Valley Crossing in Rishikesh

    Valley Crossing in Rishikesh

    Starting @ Rs.3599/-

    Giant Swing

    Giant Swing

    Starting @ Rs.3699/-

    Tour Plan 1 Night 2 Days- (1 Night Stay) 1- Jungle camping – Rishikesh Rafting Packages Inclusions

    Meals: 3 meals will be provided (1 Non veg meals)One rafting activity for 16 Km On River GangaCliff Jumping
    Body SurfingBonfire at nightOther activities
    Snacks time, BonfireSwimming PoolWelcome drink on Arrival
    Coffee or teaRock climbing
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    Package Starting Just @ Rs. 1,099/- Per Person


    • Experience the wilderness & Adventure like never before
    • Stay at Luxury camp* with attach washroom on Double/Triple/Quad sharing basis
    • River side camp* ( 10 metre from camp)

    All Three Meals

    • Breakfast – Poha, Bread Omlet, Bread Toast, Parantha, Tea/Coffee ( Or Similar )
    • Lunch – Dal, Seasonal Veg., Rice, Chapati, Raita, Papad, Achaar ( Or Similar )
    • Dinner – Chole, Rice, Paneer Dish, 01 Chicken Dish, Rice, Chapati, Papad, 01 Sweet Dish ( Or Similar )
    • Evening snacks – Peanuts / Chana Chat, Mix Pakoras / French Fries
    • Music 07:30 Pm to 09:30 Pm
    • Bonfire in evening
    • Trekking to Water Fall ( Group Size Upto 15 Adults )
    • Activities -: Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Badminton, Chess, Carrom, Dart Game.

    Looking for best packages: Rishikesh Camping

    rishikesh camping packages

    Frequently Asked Questions Related to Rishikesh Rafting

    We provide River Rafting Apparatuses & Assistance & safety Costumes Approved Rafting Site

    • River Rafting Guide & Splash life jackets
    • Helmets & river rafting gears
    • Other required safety accessories

    Good time River Rafting according to Rishikesh Rafting

    • 1st September to 30th June
    • 15th November to 15th June
    • Other required safety accessories

    A: Yes Rishikesh Rafting is open now. One can enjoy the thrilling rapids of Rafting this year.
    The best time for Rishikesh Rafting ( from March to 30th June ) Mid Season ( September to March ) and the closing time is 1st July to 15 september.

    A: There are different costs of Rishikesh rafting

    • Brahmpuri to Laxman Jhula cost – Rs.300/- per peson ( distance – 8km )
    • Shivpuri to Rishikesh – cost Rs. – 700/- per person ( Distance – 16km )
    • Marine drive to Laxman Jhula cost Rs. – 1500/- person ( Distance – 24km )
    • Byasi to Rishikesh – Cost Rs. – 2000/- person ( Distance 32km )

    A: According to the team of our experts the cost of Rishikesh trip will be Rs. 7000/- for solo traveler if he or she takes public transport and cost will be increase by Rs. 5000/- if the person takes private transport. On the other hand the group cost is Rs. 3000/- per person per night with transport, Camping, Meals and adventure activities.

    A: The best time for river rafting in Rishikesh is from mid-March to 30th June. This is also called the best season of rafting Rishikesh.

    A: Yes rafting in Rishikesh is totally safe at this time because the government of Uttarakhand has given license only to the experienced guides there for a person needs not to worry about this point.

    A: No Not at all river rafting is dangerous all you need to do just follow the instructions of your guide. This could be dangerous only for those people who do not follow the rules of rafting. Otherwise, this is a thrilling activity full of fun. So come to Rishikesh and enjoy rafting.

    A: Only a few camps have banned non-veg but most of the camps, hotels, resorts, and cafes are still offering non – veg. So I would suggest you take traditional veg food of Rishikesh which is very hygienic.

    A: Yes River Rafting is fully safe for the non swimmers also, Because a team of highly professional guides will help you out for that only one thing you have to follow and that is the instructions that are given by the guide before starting the rafting.

    A: The minimum age for Rafting in Rishikesh is 15 years. As per the Tourism of Uttarakhand guidelines the minimum age for rafting is 15 years, kids below this age are not allowed to go for rafting.

    A: Although there are so many companies providing Rishikesh river rafting packages as per the feedback of so many clients Wolf adventure is the best company for Rishikesh rafting package booking.

    A: Ojas Resort is the best camp in Rishikesh for couples in Rishikesh to stay. It is nearby the small river and the resort has a beautiful location there are lots of activities to do here also.

    A: This site has all the information of Rishikesh rafting prices where one can see a list of all rafting packages above. We have a brief introduction of rafting price with discounted rates so you need not visit other sites.

    A: There are lots of things to do in Rishikesh and that only depends on your mood.If you are going for religious purpose then you can go for morning Aarti and you can visit Parmarth Ashram, and lots of temples. There are lots of adventure activities going now a days in Rishikesh like Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, White Water Rafting in Ganga, and other rope course activities.

    A: Rishikesh is a city of Gods and also known as the yoga capital of India, so if you are going to visit this place you can buy printed t-shirts, kurta, Chains, rings and many more things from here.

    A: If you are traveling to Rishikesh in summers then you have to carry lite clothes like sleepers, shorts, and lite t-shirts in summer there is a problem with sunburns so always carry sunscream with you.

    The best way of Rishikesh rafting booking is to choose the best website and read the testimonials and reviews of a site and than select best packages. There are so many companies selling Rishikesh rafting package but one should go with only legitimate travel company.

    The reason behind this because the flow of river Ganges is best for rafting in the world. All rapids are giving wonderful thrill to all rafting lovers. 

    Travel Tips For Rafting In Rishikesh

    • If there is any medical problem to anyone who is coming for rafting in Rishikesh please consult a doctor first.
    • Before going for Rafting in Rishikesh take a deep study about that and book only from genuine travel sites, There are lots of people there who are offering low-cost rafting but in actuality, they are cheating the travelers and don’t take your life at risk for some rupees.
    • There are lots of accident held in past during rafting because the rafts were illegally operated by non-experienced guides, Before choosing the right guide
      take a brief check of him also;
    • Book your rafting package from the authorized rafting companies only.
    • Don’t drink during rafting, It is very risky lots of accidents held due to the clients don’t follow the rules and regulations as mentioned there.
    • If you are traveling with your family and kids, select the right stretch according to your comfort. long stretches are not for kids.
    • After sunsets rafting is banned so don’t force any guide to do rafting after 03:00 Pm water level gets high any time there.